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CTLE’s Guide to Climbing the Leaderboard

Posted by CTLE Team on Sep 23, 2021

What teaching and learning strategy, concept or tool would you like to learn to enhance your courses? What have you recently learned that has enhanced your teaching that you would love to share with the rest of the faculty? Would you like to have a friendly competition with other faculty members? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, check out our faculty leaderboard. Here you are encouraged to participate in various CTLE events such as webinars, Courses for Teaching and Learning, Faculty Development Days, Teaching and Learning Conversations, Faculty Book Clubs, and Faculty Panels while earning points for the leaderboard. Once you have completed one or more of these CTLE events, you can earn points by applying and reflecting on what you have learned, or by sharing it with other faculty members. Not only will you expand your teaching and learning toolbox, but you will be competing for the top slot on the leaderboard. To learn more and to check out where you stand, visit the Faculty Leaderboard website. Now it's time to climb to the top!

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