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Authentic Assessments and Classroom Culture

Posted by CTLE Team on Feb 19, 2021

Teaching and learning has always been a challenge. This year it feels more challenging than ever. Amid all the confusion and frustration, it is refreshing to know that the faculty at Saint Leo are meeting the challenge head on with great strategies to make the best of a difficult situation.

In this edition of the Faculty Spotlight, we discover the connection between authentic assessments and the culture in a classroom. Faculty who challenge their students to meet practical challenges with innovative solutions can also lay the foundation for a culture where critical thinking and problem solving are paired with communication and respect between students, their peers, and their professor. Dr. Kenny Embry uses these strategies in his communications courses. He brings to life a teaching philosophy where critical thinking skills, relationships, and a willingness to seek clarification are paramount. Check out more at our Faculty Spotlight webpage!

Select the play button for the interview with Dr. Embry.


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