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Analytical Chemistry @ Saint Leo University

Web Site Creator: Dr. Jerome K. Williams, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Quantitative Chemical Analysis (CHE 321), also referred to as analytical chemistry, deals with integrating the aspects of qualitative and quantitative analysis to solve chemical problems.

Qualitative analysis is concerned with identification of constituents (analytes) within a sample. Quantitative analysis not only deals with identification of analytes in a sample, but also with establishing how much of a constituent is present. 

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CHE 321 is divided into a lecture and laboratory component. The key to success in this course, in both the lecture and laboratory, is preparation. The prerequisites for this course are completion of General Chemistry I and II (with laboratory), and mathematics through precalculus.

Since the laboratory program involves analysis of organic and inorganic substances, it is strongly recommended that students complete at least one semester of organic chemistry with laboratory prior to enrolling in CHE 321.

Analytical Chemistry revolves around solving problems; hence, strong emphasis will be placed on developing the necessary tools used by professional chemists to solve complex chemical problems.

It is recommended that students work through the example problems in each chapter in order to assess their proficiency. Once the student feels comfortable with the material, then he or she can attempt to solve the end of chapter exercises. Several problem sets will also be distributed and turned in for grading.

The goal of this site is to assist each student in their studying chemistry. Toward this end, I invite student feedback about this web site. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. Either stop by my office in Lewis Hall Math & Science Building Room 310 or send me an E-mail to

The only stipulation I have about this web site is​ that if you want to use any of the materials contained within this site (figures, tables, etc.), you must obtain the author's written permission.

Thank you for visiting and good luck in your mastering chemistry ! 

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