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Web Site Creator: Dr. Jerome K. Williams, PhD
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Welcome to my chemistry web site at Saint Leo University! This site is intended to help not only students who are taking my chemistry courses, but anyone who wishes to comprehend how our chemical world works.

Helping people gain a better appreciation of the importance that chemistry plays in our lives is one a​im of this web site . To achieve this goal, however, takes feedback from you. Questions, comments, and suggestions for improving the site are always welcome. Either stop by my office in Lewis Hall Math & Science Building Room 310 or send me an E-mail. My E-mail address is .

The only stipulation I have about this web site is that if you want to use any of the materials contained within this site (figures, tables, etc.), you must obtain the author's written permission.

Thank you for visiting and good luck in your mastering chemistry !

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Folder: Chapters 31 and 32_Separations and Chromatographic Methods
Folder: Chapter 25_Optical Spectroscopy
Folder: Chapter 24_Introduction to Spectrochemical Measurements
Folder: Chapter 18_Introduction to Electrochemistry
Folder: Chapter 17_Complexation and Precipitation Titrations
Folder: Chapter 12_Gravimetric Methods Analysis
Folder: Chapter 16_Applications Neutralization Titrations
Folder: Chapter 15_Complex Acid-Base Systems
Folder: Chapter 14_Neutralization Titrations
Folder: Chapter 13_Titrimetric Methods
Folder: Chapter 10_Effect of Electrolytes on Chemical Equilibria
Folder: Chapter 9_ Aqueous Solutions and Chemical Equilibria
Folder: Chapter 8_Sampling
Folder: Chapter 7_Statistical Data Treatment and Evaluation
Folder: Chapter 6_Random Errors in Chemical Analysis
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