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General Chemistry @ Saint Leo University

Web Site Creator: Dr. Jerome K. Williams, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Welcome to my General Chemistry website at Saint Leo University!

This site is intended to help not only students who are taking my general chemistry courses, but anyone who wishes to comprehend how our chemical world works. Helping people gain a better appreciation of the importance that chemistry plays in our lives is one aim of this web site. To achieve this goal, however, takes feedback from you.

Questions, comments, and suggestions for improving the site are always welcome. Either stop by my office in Lewis Hall Math & Science Building Room 310 or send me an E-mail. My E-mail address is as follows: .

Please refer to the table below and make your selection by clicking on the link for your lecture course, laboratory  program or other chemistry resource.


General Chemistry @ Saint Leo University

Lecture Course Syllabi Laboratory Course Syllabi

Dr. Williams' Handouts

CHE 123 General Chemistry ICHE 123L General Chemistry I Lab

Chemistry Study Tips

CHE 124 General Chemistry IICHE 124L General Chemistry II Lab



Laboratory Safety Agreement

Dimensional Analysis


Solving Chemistry Problems


Drawing Lewis Structures


The Chemist's Toolbox 

Problem Set Notebook

Chapter Notes

Periodic Table: The Chemist's Guide to Matter

CHE 123 Suggested Problems

Chapter Notes: Gen. Chem. I

Search Engines: How do I find ...

CHE 124 Suggested Problems

Chapter Notes: Gen. Chem. II

 Chemistry Databases    Lecture Slides
 Martindale's Virtual Chemistry Center    Powerpoint Slides: Gen. Chem. I
WWW Virtual Library: ChemistryPowerpoint Slides: Gen. Chem. II


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