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SCI 210 SC: Energy & Its Impact on Global Society


Energy is one of several new science courses offered at Saint Leo University as part of University Explorations: the name of our new general education curriculum. On behalf of the department of mathematics & sciences, we welcome you to this course. 

Why should I take this course?

Energy is the single most important topic that will impact society in this century. In the twenty-first century, it is essential for every person to develop an understanding of energy.  As consumers of energy, and decision-making citizens in matters related to energy and its effects on the environment and society, our graduates should have an appropriate understanding and knowledge of the issues related to energy and the environment.

Energy consumption has been growing exponentially, mirroring a society's state of development, while at the same time impacting our environment in many important and sensitive ways. To exercise sound decision making requires us to use critical thinking and reflection about core values like community and responsible stewardship to safeguard our natural resources and preserve planet Earth.

Let the journey begin.